The Veterans Memorial Golf Course driving range will soon have new nets and fencing.

The current netting and fencing has deteriorated significantly over the years, prompting City of Walla Walla staff to seek replacement bids. Only one company, Priority One Fencing, bid over $117,000.

Municipal authorities are in a hurry to put up fencing before June 8, when the first concert of the summer will take place at the golf course. Walla Walla City Council unanimously approved the upgrades on Wednesday, April 13.

Last year, W3 Entertainment LLC received a 25-month lease to manage the golf course and create a venue on the spot called the Wine Country Amphitheater. Concerts at the open-air site of the golf course will begin this summer.

Due to time constraints created by the upcoming concerts, the City Manager of Walla Walla will also have the authority to amend the contract by up to $50,000 if the project goes over budget.

The ragged net on the driving range at Veterans Memorial Golf Course, Thursday, April 14, 2022.

While W3 Entertainment is responsible for all costs associated with its concerts, including staging and security, the city has agreed to support the project because of its usefulness to the golf course itself, the company said. assistant director Elizabeth Chamberlain.

“Whether or not we put on concerts, this network definitely needs improvement,” said Council Member Rick Eskil. “And it won’t just help at the driving range, it will protect golfers on the first tee, who frequently dodged balls because of the lousy net.”

The current netting was installed in 2008 with an expected lifespan of 10 years, according to city staff. Chamberlain estimated that the new net would have a similar lifespan.