Golf Rules Questions answered another interesting rules situation on Instagram this week, this time involving a player hitting a ball in front of a fence.

In the video below, a golfer stands on one side of the fence, with his ball on the other side.

He then continues to hit his ball forward and onto the green. It’s a pretty remarkable shot considering the situation as the ball comes out inside 10 feet of the hole.

But is stroke allowed?

Watch the video below and check out GRQ’s response below to see:

Answer: Yes

GRQ says: “Provided that at least part of the ball is on the course side of the posts (being on the course side of the net is not the determination), then the player is permitted to make a stroke at a ball even when something is s ‘interposes to stop it. the club in direct contact with the ball.’

The rule in question here is Rule 10.1.

Rule 10.1 explains how to make a stroke and several prohibited acts. A stroke is made by striking a ball frankly with the head of a club. The fundamental challenge is to direct and control the movement of the entire club by swinging the club freely without anchoring it.

Click here to learn more about the rule via the R&A site

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