Rowan McCarthy was more likely to win the lottery than hitting a hole-in-one and an albatross on the same day.

But the Irish expat defied the odds at Wembley Golf Course last week, hitting not one, but two of golf’s most unlikely feats in the span of just four holes.

McCarthy, who plays with a handicap of 20, achieved something many professional golfers can only dream of at the Perth Golf Network tournament, hitting a hole-in-one on the 12th before going three-under on the 15th.


The odds of hitting a par 3 are about 1 in 12,500, but registering an albatross is even more unlikely at about 1 in 6,000,000.

Even Tiger Woods cannot claim to have done both in the same round.

Camera iconRowan McCarthy celebrates his hole in one at Wembley Golf Course. Credit: Provided

According to Lottoland, the odds of winning Oz Lotto are greater than one in 45 million, which makes them more likely than the odds of a hole-in-one and an albatross on the same day (one in 75 billion).

After tripling the 11th hole, McCarthy would have been forgiven for approaching the 12th with a sense of foreboding – but what happened next will be remembered for a long time.

“I gave a good tee shot and the ball came off and landed on the front of the green and rolled towards the hole and we didn’t really see the ball fall,” McCarthy told The West Australian.

“We were like, ‘where’s the ball? And we walked over to the flag and picked it up, and we all started jumping and celebrating. “

McCarthy was understandably shocked. Even following the feat with a double bogey and a triple bogey on the next two holes could not dampen his morale.

And then, on the 15th hole, McCarthy made even more magic appear out of thin air.

“I had a good drive, and he kind of rolled out of the fairway and into the sand on the right side,” he said.

“Then I hit my five iron on the sand and kind of rolled it down the hill, rolled it off the shore onto the left side of the green and it just rolled at a nice, consistent speed towards the hole at a bit of an angle.

“This bullet is also missing. We were going down in anticipation. We couldn’t see the ball on the green.

“I’m heading over to the hole and he’s sitting right in the back and when it registered the excitement was really gone; it was more of a shock.

Unsurprisingly, McCarthy won his Category B competition and yelled at his fellow competitors a few drinks afterward.

Since he was more likely to win a lottery prize than achieve what he did on the course, he said he would try for that as well.

“I bought a Powerball ticket the day before. People say things happen in threes. I checked my ticket and it was a nice solid win of $ 10.90, ”said McCarthy.