Augusta National Golf Club enjoys a reputation as one of the most exclusive courses in the world. The initiation fee alone would be US$40,000 / AU$54,000… there is no application process to become a member, although your odds apparently “drop” once you ask… and some of its most notable regulars range from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to billionaire investor Warren Buffett. As you can imagine at a facility of its caliber, digging a hole-in-one in Augusta not only attracts a certain level of attention, but also opens up some otherwise difficult doors to unlock.

On a recent episode of Barstool’s behind the greens podcast, the guys opened up the submission inbox to fans who had killer Augusta stories. And to be sure, a few eye-opening revelations stood out from the crowd.

“A lot of the emails we got for the emails we got about Augusta stories were, ‘My buddy went to play Augusta as a guest and got a hole-in-one blow,” says Sam “Riggs” Bozoian of Barstool.

“A person – I believe – is generally allowed to have a phone or a camera, people take pictures throughout the day, you can’t share them anywhere but you have them for your personal use. Some people take pictures, whether it’s a picture of them teeing off or whatever.

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“Augusta took one of these pictures – and there are multiple stories about it – and they said, ‘We’ll frame it all, Augusta-fy, and like anything, and send it to you. So they took a few months and they got a painting of it. Not a real photo.

But the story doesn’t end there and there…

“The envelope and accompanying information said: ‘We invite you to keep this painting but here is what it will cost.’ And the bill was like $50,000.”

“Both parties said – and, again, this was from multiple emails – the guest thought about it for, like, weeks. Like, that’s an incredible amount of money. “I do not know what to do.” But then both of them finally said to each other, ‘It sucks, it’s hard, but I’m going to do it. It means the world to me. “

“They paid the $50,000 for the painting, Augusta then responded by inviting them both to join the club as they proved how much it meant to them. To get an ace at Augusta National… It was about completely separating the emails.

So this is it. If you want an easy shortcut to that coveted Augusta National Golf Club membership, all you need is a hole-in-one and US$50,000 / AU$67,666.