The Triad ball will be available on and at select retailers beginning February 15, 2022.

Courtesy of Wilson Golf

On Friday, Wilson Golf announced the addition of a new golf ball to its product line: the Triad, a three-piece urethane-coated golf ball aimed at the “modern athletic golfer,” according to the company’s press release. the society.

So what sets the Triad apart from Wilson’s other performance balls?

The company’s top-of-the-line offering, the Wilson Staff Model, is a 4-piece urethane golf ball, but the Triad is a three-piece ball. (For comparison, Wilson’s Duo Soft+ balls are two-piece.)

The Triad is designed to be a perfect intermediate ball between the Tour level Staff model and the Duo Soft+.

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“We are very pleased to introduce this innovative golf ball to a growing community of competitive players looking to take their game to the next level,” Wilson Golf General Manager Tim Clarke said in a press release. “The competitive golfer striving for the 80s is what Wilson Labs had in mind when designing Triad’s T3 technology, enabling pinpoint accuracy from anywhere on the course.”

The Triad incorporates three specific technologies that are useful for players about to hit 80.

The first, a high-MOI design, redistributes weight from the ball core to the mantle and cover, meaning the ball spins less from the driver, resulting in a straighter ball flight.

Next, the ultra-thin cast urethane cover essentially helps the ball stick to the clubface longer on the mid to low irons, allowing for more controlled ball flight and more spin when hitting the green.

Finally, the Tri-Balanced construction of the Triad offers perfect balance and pure rolling, thanks to the balance of density on all three layers.

The Triad ball will be available on and at select retailers starting February 15 for $39.99 per dozen.

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