From right, Kolon Industries Chairman Jang Hee-ku, Kolon Group Honorary Chairman Lee Woong-yeol, US WRC Judge Dana Nicole Hesch, and National Archives of Korea Director Kim Deok -eun, during a ceremony marking the certification by the World Records Committee of Kolon Industry’s Attomax. as the world’s longest distance golf ball, at the Kolon One & Only Tower in Magok, Seoul on June 14.

The Attomax golf ball developed by Kolon Industries using an amorphous metal alloy has been officially recognized as the longest distance golf ball in the world.

The company announced on June 14 that the United States World Records Committee (WRC), a world-class records certification body, has certified its Attomax golf ball as the longest golf ball in the world.

In a certification test conducted using a WRC-approved robot swinger, the Attomax golf ball flew 13 to 18 meters (15 to 20 yards) farther than all 13 types of golf balls of 10 other brands.

The new golf ball uses Attometal powder, an amorphous metal alloy developed by Attometal Tech Korea, a subsidiary of the Kolon Group specializing in new materials.

Attometal is a new material that dramatically increases elasticity, hardness, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance by irregularizing the atomic structure of the metal.

Although this amorphous metal alloy was first discovered in 1959, it was not until 1993 that it began to be mass-produced. There are only a handful of companies in the world that have successfully produced the amorphous metal alloy in volume. Attometal Tech Korea began mass-producing the alloy last year.